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Kitfo:- Lean minced beef prepared with special Ethiopian butter and chili powder. Raw, medium or well done.
Special Kitfo:- Lean minced beef prepared with special Ethiopian butter, chili powder and mixed with cottage cheese.
Gored gored:- Cubes of lean raw meat prepared with special Ethiopian butter.
Our fomous fillet meat ( chekna tibes):- is cooked with non or with traditional spicy sauce and tomatoes and green papers is every ones favorite
Gomen Besiga local cabbage (spinach), cubes of beef meat cooked with cooking oil and seasoned butter comes on clay with fire.
Tripa ( tripe):- beef tripe meat cooked with carrot onion and garlic And on the beverages add local tequila (Areke) and imported beers


Doro wot:- Tender chicken leg or thigh marinated in lemon sautéed in seasoned butter and stewed in red pepper flavoured with onions ginger and cardamom.
Doro firfir:- Chicken cooked with hot pepper and spices mixed with injera.


Lega tibs:- Cubes of lean lamb, well fried with onion and spices.
Awaze tibs:- Lamb cubes well fried with onions, pepper and spices.
Derek tibs
yebeg wot
Yetsom beyeynetu (Fasting dishes):- Lentil, spinach, mild mixed vegetable sauce made with cabbage, potato and carrots seasoned with spices.
Traditional Vegetable Dishes
Pure Vegan Dishes